Our Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

  • Robert  Kennedy

    Robert Kennedy, CEO & Co-Owner - Funeral Director

  • Esperanza Kennedy Sullins

    Esperanza Kennedy Sullins, Co-Owner - Funeral Director

  • Geraldine Trotter

    Geraldine Trotter, Secretary - Funeral Director - 57 years of service

  • COL Palmer Sullins Jr.

    COL Palmer Sullins Jr., Board Advisor - 32 years

  • Jeff  Brooks

    Jeff Brooks, Funeral Director - 43 years of service

  • Ethel  Clark

    Ethel Clark, 20 years of service

  • RL Clark

    RL Clark, 7 years of service

  • Jeffery  Dubose

    Jeffery Dubose, 23 years of service

  • Larry  Edwards

    Larry Edwards, 6 years of service

  • Charles  Goodwin

    Charles Goodwin, Funeral Director - 53 years of service

  • Karen Griffin

    Karen Griffin, Pre-Need Counselor - 2 years service

  • Wanda  Hearn

    Wanda Hearn, 22 years of service

  • Mr. Willie Jefferson

    Mr. Willie Jefferson, 1 year service

  • David  Johnson

    David Johnson, Mortician - Funeral Service Director - 20 years of service

  • Cynthia McKenzie

    Cynthia McKenzie, Secretary Assistant - 1 year service

    1 year service

  • Karsten Taylor

    Karsten Taylor, 5 year of service

  • Yvette  Quedado

    Yvette Quedado, 3 years of service

  • M Jahylun J. Womack

    M Jahylun J. Womack, 3 years service